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Times Issues Apology For Libellous Articles On Internationally Renowned Vaping Experts

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We recently brought to your attention a news article published in The Guardian that reports on Leading Vaping experts demand of an apology from The Times of London Uk, Who they claim has falsely reported they are being sponsored by Tobacco companies.  


The Guardian News Article

http://news.google.com Sun, 23 Oct 2016 19:00:17 GMT

The Guardian Anti-smoking experts to sue Times for claims of tobacco payoutsThe GuardianLewis Silkin, a legal firm specialising in libel, will be acting on behalf of five scientists, including professor Karl Fagerström, an expert in addiction science. ...

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A group of scientists and public health experts are to take legal action against the Times newspaper after it reported claims from a leading charity that they were in the pay of the tobacco industry.

The experts, who work in fields that aim to limit deaths and health complications caused by smoking, are looking to sue the Times for defamation following a story that termed them “experts making a packet”.

The Times has published an apology to one of the scientists cited, Clive Bates, the former head of Action on Smoking and Health. The correction stated that he had funded his own travel and accommodation costs at an industry-sponsored tobacco forum in Brussels and had not received any funding from tobacco or nicotine companies.

But other scientists say that the same apology was not extended to them and they claim they have been falsely accused of accepting “tens of thousands of pounds from tobacco companies to carry out research into e-cigarettes”.

Lewis Silkin, a legal firm specialising in libel, will be acting on behalf of five scientists, including professor Karl Fagerström, an expert in addiction science. “My life’s work has been built on helping reduce the death toll from tobacco smoking. Yet The Times has portrayed me and my colleagues as hirelings of big tobacco,” he said. “The Times has chosen to traduce our reputations. Now it is time for the paper to profusely apologise or face a battle it will not win.”

Professor David Nutt of Imperial College London, the former government drugs policy adviser, was the lead author of a study that endorsed e-cigarettes and informed Public Health England. Some of the scientists named by the Times also worked on it with him.

Professor David Sweanor said: “My reputation has been trashed by The Times. Despite ample evidence of my independence, it claimed that I am beholden to big tobacco companies. It is like saying that Robin Hood was in the pay of the Sheriff of Nottingham. I have to fight this.”

The Times’s story reported that Cancer Research UK had criticised scientists who “accepted thousands of pounds from tobacco companies to carry out research into e-cigarettes”. The scientists deny they did so.


 Official Statement From The Defendants

Top Scientists Hire Libel Lawyers To Sue The Times - Follow link For Press Release Issued By The Claimants.


  • The Times had accused scientists devoted to ending smoking of being in the pay of big tobacco companies
  • The newspaper has already been forced to publish a detailed apology to one of the experts it named
  • Cancer Research UK has refused to back The Times’ description of the charity’s viewpoint



The Times Of London Has Now Published An Apology

Apology Published November 4, 2016

We recently published articles and a leader about scientists and public health experts and their alleged financial links with the tobacco industry ( Tobacco giants fund vaping studies, Scientists wooed in charm offensive and Smoke in their eyes, October 12). The experts mentioned in our report, Professor David Nutt of Imperial College London, Professor David Sweanor of the Faculty of Law and Centre for Health Law, Policy & Ethics at the University of Ottawa, Professor Karl Fagerstrom who created the Fagerstrom Test for Cigarette Dependency, Professor Riccardo Polosa, Director of the Institute for Internal Medicine and Clinical Immunology at the University of Catania, and Clive Bates, former executive director of Action on Smoking and Health, are internationally respected for their longstanding global work to reduce smoking, and their work on the issue of nicotine harm reduction. Our report and a panel headed “Academics making a packet” implied that these experts had received funding for research into e-cigarettes. We accept that this was wrong and that their work has not been tainted by the influence of tobacco industry funding. We apologise for our errors and omissions and for the embarrassment caused.

Source The Times


Our Commentary As A Vaping Development

This is a much welcomed very significant development, in which we hope will make major strides towards overcoming the defeatist attitude we seem to have set in the UK Vaping community at the moment.

There are approximately 3 Million Vapers in the Uk right now. Who all have family and friends who rejoice in their transition to harm reduction. Away from the tar laden products they formally used. Yet whenever there’s a significant advocacy advent such as the Lord Callaghan vote earlier this year only approximately 100,000 people come forward and show their support.

A Billion Lives Project

So where is the 3 Million & their Families & Friends? Why do we never hear your voices? It begs belief that a magnificent project such as  ‘A Billion lives’ has been practically rejected by the UK (Which we’ll cover in more detail in another post soon) It’s time to wake up Uk as the ‘ A Billion Lives’ slogan says you’re being lied to!

Do you think Uk Law makers lose much sleep over an advocacy group of 100,000 people amongst a population of 70 Million? No of course not, especially when they can find just as many misled supporters on the opposing side. But you can bet 3 Million & their Families & Friends will catch their attention!  

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