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Authenticating Your New KangerTech Branded Products

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How to Check KangerTech Products Are Real, Not copies or fake clones

How Can I Be Sure That KangerTech Branded Products Really Are Genuine?

A Major concern for many consumers when purchasing branded products especially via online distance sales is how can you be sure the branded product you are ordering will be genuine before it gets delivered and not a cheap fake or clone?

Unfortunately these concerns are not unwarranted, as when any Brand grows in its popularity and success. The more likely that there will be somebody somewhere ripping off the success of that Brand by producing cheaper, inferior quality products and trying to pass them off as the real deal.  

KangerTech Shares these concerns, after all any counterfeiting done on their Brand hurts them far more than anybody else. For this reason KangerTech have invested considerable amounts of time and money on developing a system which allows you to authenticate their Branded goods with a minimal amount of effort on your part.


On the reverse side of every Genuine KangerTech branded products packaging you will discover a authentication code next to a QR code (Quick Response Code) Also know as the 2d Barcode.

Authenticating Your KangerTech branded product is as sample as scanning the QR Code into your mobile device. But in order for you to be able to do this you must first have a QR Code reading App installed on your mobile device. If you don't allready have a QR Code reading App installed on your mobile phone then you'll be able to easily find one in your App store on both Apple & Android. With a quick search you'll easily find one and many are available to download for free.

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Once you have down loaded or Opened your chosen QR Reading App. Scan in the QR Code and you'll be automatically directed straight to KangerTechs authorisation page on their website and you should presented with the same code that is next to the QR code on the packaging. If you are presented with the same code congratulations your product has genuinely been manufactured by Kangertech. If not then press the No button and report all details of where you purchased the product from to Kangertech to help them take preventive action on all future counterfeiting. You may also wish to raise the issue directly with the vendor yourself or contact your local Trading standards.   

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